• There are Mid-term (8th week) and Final(15th week) examinations and all students take online exam.

Examination Type

  • Real-time test : Log-in within designated periods and take an exam within limited time (However, give only one time to log-in and take an exam)
  • Paper type test : Submit a paper within designated periods


  • It is important to check the schedule through subject notice, etc. because the examination schedule is varied in line with each subject and class.

Misbehavior Doctrine

  • Misbehaviors that harm academic atmosphere and fairness of academic evaluation can be disciplined in line with the school regulations.
    • Student who let others attend a class or take an exam and the one who does it
    • In case of disclosing quiz, assignment, exam questions or answers online/offline
    • In case of giving, delegating or renting ID, and Password
    • In case of accessing School system or program or making some problems via hacking or other illegal activities
    • In case of using the same IP Address in attending or taking an exam
    • In case of leaving the screen of online test or using other programs
    • In case of attempting a double log-in
    • Student who commits other misbehavior or planning cheating on a par with above cases