Admission Information

Admission Procedure


  1. Admission Guide : Regulation, School Form
  2. Fill out admission & admission agreement.
  3. Submit Document :
  4. Notification on Successful applicant
  5. Sign up for course/Tuition



Document for submission


  1. Fill out admission application, Cover letter, Admission Agreement
  2. Resume
  3. Diploma of previous school ( High school / University / Graduate School )
  4. Transcript of  school
  5. The copy of the residence registration
  6. The Copy of Passport
  7. ID photo ( Two photos )


* Transfer student's document for submission are the same with new enrollment,  transferred student shall take credits additionally need for the graduation or more than 12 credit at the second semester in case of the same degree course. when the major is different, the transferred student shall take 50% credit. however, in case of graduate school, credits for the thesis semester shall additionally sign up and pass it. Master degree student can replace the thesis submission into the credit only course.

and, more detail information for admission need to ask for regional admission support center.


Admission Support Center


Templeton University (US)
– Address : 288 Eighth Avenue Cramerton, NC 28032
– Mail :