President Message

Nice to meet you. I am president Thomas Belk.


With the support of Dr. Belk, founder of TU and son of founder of Belk Department Store, one of the largest distribution groups in the United States, today we are rebuilding TU as one of the most world's leading and innovating universities.


The traditional university and education institution where professors and students gather together to study and survey can not catch up with the era of the Fourth Revolution of the 21st century, which is changing day by day.


Therefore, as a university of young age, we have boldly forsaken the inertia of the past, and have come to the path of university‘s revolution and educational innovation.


In order to nurture the people, society and even the world, we have started a customized flip lecture, forum training, and multiple face-to-face field practice based on SNS through online cyber university using global network.


College and graduate schools will also break down existing categories to create practical helps for students, and plan to establish new courses that will lead the future and meet future strategies, humanities management, ICT convergence and media contents.


Based on the initials of TU, the educational system that supports trust and excellence, morality, passion in the pursuit of leadership and eternity, originality, networking will be completed.


Our university will be leading as one of the world's top universities and experts, and we will contribute to the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) era by providing lifelong education for practitioners and seniors as well as young people.


Wherever you are in any country of the world, the appropriate education system including faculties and languages tailored to the needs of the country, will lead students to the unlimitedness of online universities and train professional intellectuals.


Now your choices and decisions are left. Please throw your body and soul with a confidence to the future. Our university and this world are open to courageous people.


I wish you all the best. Thank you.





Thomas Belk