Chairman Message



Thank you for visiting our university.


Our university is an young education institution that is to blossom in his/her early twenties.


TU people including me are very proud of our history as it pioneers the future with its energy and enthusiasm.


TU is forward-looking in all aspects, from the founding spirit to the educational system. It cultivates and maximize the talents of the students far beyond the existing bounderies.


Recently, the life patterns of Global village are changing drastically due to the extreme competition The 4th industrial revolution is just around the corner. It challenges the conceptual value of education .


That's why TU is attracting attention.


You would be amazed by TU’s original ‘flipped & forum’ education system which is covering the worldy issues.


The chance of innovation is open to you regardless of age, gender or nationalities.


Please do not hesitate to challenge!


We, TU people are ready to assist you pioneering the future.

Thank you.



Chairman of the Board

Edmund Jr. Norton